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Author:  Laura Shayne
E-mail:  newbury_legacy@hotmail.com
Date:  1/23/2004 5:41:39 AM
Subject:  Re: TIME UNTIL....
Message:  Craig, you don't have to worry 'bout teachin Bart the language! When my dad was still around, Bart spent more time with him than he did me! So he's been filled in quite a bit! haha And everytime I come back from where I like to call home (Texas) it takes me two weeks to get back out of the southern ways of speakin'. lol. Boy, I could use a warm Texas breeze to make my day go better today...brrrrrr....

LL, that's it... you've crossed the last line. There's no polite "walkin' up and givin you a gentle hug" anymore... it's gunna be a butal "sneak up behind LL and attack him from behind" sorta thing now! haha What makes you think for one second that I use hairsray?? I mean... c'mon. *grin* I used to run from the huse screaming when my mom used that nasty stuff! haha

Can't wait.... heh heh heh...


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