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Author:  susie g
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Date:  7/10/2008 8:31:33 AM
Subject:  More on Rene'
Message:  First,I just want to say thank you for all the love and prayers being sent. It feels like it's just one big hug from everyone. Rene' was moved into Intensive care late yesterday afternoon. I don't know what time her surgery on her ankle is, but will let ya'll know how she is when I find out. They have discovered she also has a cracked pelvis and a small amount of internal bleeding that is posibly coming from the spleen. Sylvia is exhausted. She's been there over 24 hours. But Rene just wants her Mom there with her.   Her daughter in law will be there to take over for a few hours today. If Syl is having any soreness from the wreck she had, she's not telling.lol. She's amazing.
Susie G

 More on Rene' by susie g at 7/10/2008 8:31:33 AM
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