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Author:  Doug Lang
E-mail:  dalang@telus.net
Date:  9/7/2003 9:46:41 AM
Subject:  Re: Andy & the Cards
Message:  Is that Central division so tough,
or are the teams that mediocre?
The Bosox are beginning to remind me
of the Reggie-Bando-Fingers-Rudy-Blue-Catfish
era of the nasty Oakland A's, what with
Pedro and Manny having what we like to call
"headaches in their fingernails."
If they ever needed a poster boy for the
campaign to abolish velcro, our pal Nomar
would be the winner; can't the guy get
some old-fashioned snap-on leather gloves?
Might cut fifteen minutes off a game...
The Bosox have a few "eyebrow removers," though.
Did I hear the International Expos are going
to play a third of their home games
in Havana next season, and a third of them
in (where was it, hon, right!) Portugal?
The Blue Jays have officially told MLB
they're willing to play in Tokyo
if it means getting out of the AL East.
The Mariners, the modern-day version
of the Bosox tragedy -- i.e. the Curse
of the Big Unit, and others (easy, Dave)
-- lose steam on their way toward autumn, squeeze the tar right out of their wood.
It's a little sad to see Pat Gillick
not bring in a pick-me-up player
at the trading deadline when the M's
sorely needed another LH stick.
Don't start me talkin'...love this game.

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