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Author:  Doug
E-mail:  not available
Date:  1/14/2004 11:43:35 PM
Subject:  Re: Visitin' the porch
Message:  Okay, that was me playin' the fool.
And this is me welcoming you for real, Koala.
I found this porch a year ago. Often wish I'd
found it when the man in the black silk robe
was posting from Oregon. I live up in Canada,
on the west coast in Vancouver. With a name
like Koala, does that mean you're from way
down under? Hope you'll stick around, visit
us often, get to know everybody. We share a
lot here about Mickey and about our lives.
Click the little lampshade above right to go
to the back porch. We rock a lot back there.

See ya around, Doug

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