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Author:  Claudia
E-mail:  walter.c921@yahoo.com
Date:  3/20/2008 5:57:19 PM
Subject:  My Buddy Jim
Message:  Dear Hearts & Gentle People,
I hope you don't mind Mickey that I am using your words.
I think I want to be alone today
My Buddy Jim passed away
I think I want to walk in the rain today
and Let it wash my pain away

Susan, my name is Claudia and I wanted to share with the Front Porch, which was introduced to me by Jim M., some words about a very dear friend,my
buddy, Jim Moreillon. Jim and I had been friends since our teens. We shared a circle of love not shared by many. How blessed I am to have had him as my friend. He made me laugh.

Jim introduced me to Mickey and his unbelievable beautiful music. God, how he loved Mickey. Your comments on the Front Porch are all so true and loving. He truly was "The Fartman."

Jim's memorial serbvice was a good tribute. We celebrated his life and listened to some of Mickey's songs. Buddy, you missed a good gathering. I laughed and cried with Dawn, Chad, Kyle, and many family members and friends. God Bless them all.

Thanks for coming Joe Z. It was wonderful to meet you and visit with you. It has taken me a few days to settle in to the reality that my old friend is gone, thus the delay in coming to the Front Porch.

Jim will always have a place in my heart and I know we will meet again,as I know, he is picking with Mickey as I write.

Old Friends, Old Friends, that's what matters in the end. Amen for old Friends.

 My Buddy Jim by Claudia  at 3/20/2008 5:57:19 PM
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