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Author:  Roy Stamps
E-mail:  armstead_2000@yahoo.com
Date:  3/20/2008 1:44:39 PM
Subject:  Another Treat is gone...
Message:  When we were at the Frank Brown Festival last November, there was this little guy who looked like a racetrack tout from a Damion Runnion novel. His name was Zack Taylor. He had one of those magic touches on the guitar...a true gift.
Gary and Larry told me of his battle with drugs and how sick he had been over the past few years, but we had some time to talk and I really wanted him to make the Gathering.

Zack died while I was in the hospital. His loss won't be noted by huge numbers...but he will leave a guitar that will miss his touch.

 Another Treat is gone... by Roy Stamps  at 3/20/2008 1:44:39 PM
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