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Author:  larry larry
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Date:  3/4/2008 6:41:42 PM
Subject:  Prayers for Brandy
Message:  Brandy is a young woman in my school that, all of a sudden, started having seizures a couple of months ago. She is a real sweet person, married, and has a teenage son. She had been taking helicopter flying lessons in hopes of a better income than the small amount she makes as a library assistant at our school library. To give you an example of her pay, the assistant's there make a whopping eighteen thousand dollars, top pay, if they have worked there for around 30 years. Brandy has been there about five. Before the library job she worked with Special Education Needs kids. She would weekly get kicked, scratch, bitten, pooped and pissed on for her $11-12,000 yearly salary.

She suffered much physical abuse at the hands of her first husband that she married at a young age. I think she had to have an ambulance come get her two or three times. It's the only way her first husband could get his " Jolly's" from their, so called, love life.

She is now remarried to a wonderful man named Scott.

She was almost at the completion of getting her pilots license and had a job lined up when these seizures started and that put an end to that.

The wonderful man she is married to now is a truck driver for a company and is trying to work all the overtime he can get. But he works , mainly, at night and doesn't want to be away from her that much.

With Brandy out of sick days and getting no pay, the bills are becoming a mountain, now. We have taken a collection for her two or three times but there's just so much you can give, even if some of us would like to give more.

What we need now is a miracle. Actually two. One for healing and another for finances.

Just to show you where her heart is, she's a huge Willie Nelson fan. I guess that's good..... isn't it?

Just to show you what a top rate guy I am, I'm going to donate the ten bucks that I could buy Blue Bell on sale for ( three cartons) to her.

This is not a cry for money.   Just some very strong prayers going up for a very deserving young woman and her family.

Thanks, LL

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