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Author:  Jackie
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Date:  1/10/2004 11:09:16 AM
Subject:  Re: Leoben
Message:  Well Doug, that is such a lovely story-I shall chew on that for days! You sure sound like one after my heart as we would say in England. Unfortunately I can`t add anything to it as I am not registered. It`s not my computer and my other half won`t let me put my e-mail address anywhere for fear of more viruses. We keep getting them since I`ve been using the net. But he is now fixing a second machine up for me to use , so in a few days time I`ll be able to do what I want and when I want-there`ll be no stopping me then!!
There`s a really weird and great CD out on Trikont featuring various known and unknown artists singing songs by Honk Villiams-it`s called "I`ll Never Get Out Of This World Alive-Hank Williams Revisited"
What`s this about a film, Texas Granny?

 Leoben by Doug at 1/9/2004 5:40:47 PM
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