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Author:  Lonesome Charlie
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Date:  9/7/2003 1:36:04 AM
Subject:  Labor day?
Message:  Some of you can claim that you're only having a "senior" moment...but if you would all go on and accept the diagnosis of ADHD, we could pass out the ritilan! hahahhaha If ANYONE EVER figures out how to get into the....what were we talking about?????OH Live Chat! and when you remember my email, and you will when you least expect it, what was I talking about? OH, how do ya get in to the pool\live chat? Maybe Mick was right he told me the people over there would WARP my brain hahahahahahaha these answers did a pretty good jop of that! but I love this porch and can't survive without it so I'm off to the pharmacy! Goooooooodnight, Charlie

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 Labor day? by Lonesome Charlie at 9/7/2003 1:36:04 AM
 hahahahahahah! by Lonesome Charlie Day at 9/7/2003 1:41:18 AM