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Author:  Alaska Shirley
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Date:  1/10/2008 6:21:00 PM
Subject:  Re: Oregon Earthquake
Message:  Jonmark, you and I are outnumbered in our thought about earthquakes. As most of you know and have seen the pictures, I 'rocked and rolled' with 2 babies sitting on the couch during the 9.5 earthquake on March 27, 1964 at 5:36:14 pm. It was the second largest ever recorded and lasted approximately 4 minutes. Yes, tsunami's are a threat (deaths - 4 in Oregon and 10 in California) but none here which was a blessing, as it would have added to the destruction of the earthquake.
Personally I will take an earthquake over a tornado or hurricane any day. Heck, I don't like thunder/lightening...I do like sunshine but not hot weather. I will go out in the heat when on vacation, as Lady V can attest to but I know it will not be an every day occurrence. I am a true born and bred Lady from the Great Far North. :)
By the way, I heard about the earthquake as a 'news' update during NBC News with Brian Williams.

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