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Author:  anotherMick
E-mail:  verbaud@comcast.net
Date:  1/2/2008 12:15:03 AM
Subject:  Auld Lang Syne
Message:  Greetings, Porch Friends:
Been a long time since I took the the time to sit here on the porch and just relax. It's a new year once again.
Our buddy Mickey keeps knockin on my door, and I wanted to share that with you all. So much water has passed under the bridge. So many seasons seem to fly by more quickly even as we blink.
I sent a friend a song tonight. He's hit a rough patch, and guess what? I kept hearing a song all day long and had to send it off to him...
"I came to hear the music" just seemed to be the way to go. We save these precious moments, but they seem to get tossed into boxes, and we forget the tenderness we have experienced. We dwell in lonesome minutes after midnight, and forget the sweetness that has crossed our paths.
Blessings to the tender hearts here. Bless Mickey's poetry for filling in those times when we seem to be at a loss for words.
Walk in Peace.
You are never alone.

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