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Author:  Laura Shayne
E-mail:  not available
Date:  9/6/2003 8:50:39 PM
Subject:  Re: What gives you a natural high?
Message:  "Captured In Blue"

LL's poems

Granny's chicken'n'dumplins

Bobby Rae's voice on my answering machine

The memory of RB's "Amazing Grace"

"Weed Is A Weed"

Utah sunrises

Idaho mornings

Texas storms

Oregon rain (from inside the house) *wink*

"Let It Go"

Milk... right from the cow!

My mom's smile

My dad's smell... oh the Old Spice...

And last but DEFINATELY not least...

The sound a bull whip makes when it's cracked by a strong arm. *grin* There ain't nothin' better when drivin' cows... *giggle*

There are so many more...
Another day I guess...

Laura Shayne

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