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Author:  michael O'Hanlon
E-mail:  mickthe chip@eircom.net
Date:  11/18/2007 4:19:48 PM
Subject:  wood lice on the porch
Message:  Good night America, how are you? greetings from the Emerald Isle to all our friends in the USA.There is a lot of rubbish appearing on the porch but don't point the blame at anyone,I'm afraid it's a fact of life in today's internet world.i'm sure that the Newbury family have enough to do raising their families and like us all getting on with life that trying to clean the rubbish that appears on the site.On the other hand the good news is that another two songs have been posted on YouTube, "She even woke me up to say goodbye"(1975 ish) and " You're my lady now"(from the DVD)and visitors are responding to the songs in a positive way.Perhaps an internet fan club for mickey@s memory and music is the answer<not being ageist(me being over sixty!!)but for the year to come we need some young blood to get his music out to the next generation:bye for now michael

 wood lice on the porch by michael O'Hanlon  at 11/18/2007 4:19:48 PM