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Author:  larry larry
E-mail:  not available
Date:  11/6/2007 5:09:48 PM
Subject:  For my wife Suzette....
Message:  Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. Tomorrow she will be putting her mother in a nursing home. It's very stressful for her. I would say something about the other two siblings and how they have done nothing but that wouldn't be nice. As I post this, Suzette has been on the phone with her mother, who's at the hospital, for about an hour trying to explain everything to her. The inheritance $20,000 for each child that she planned on leaving will be quickly eaten up with her part of the cost. And I'm damn glad it will. I'm proud of Suzette for standing by her mother even though there are things, in the past, that could definatley be held against her.

Bad part is that I can't crack anymore mother in law jokes.

Time marches on gang.

Thanks, LL

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