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Author:  Jackie
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Date:  10/31/2007 12:46:53 AM
Subject:  Re: I`ve Got Rhythm
Message:  Oh my,oh my,Randy....you have great plans for me!!
I read your post quickly last night on my way out and I must admit that I didn`t grasp what you were talking about. Now that I`ve watched the video (fascinating!) I realise that you may be overestimating me just a weeny bit,lol. That is kind of like what we here in Tirol call "Schuhplattln".

Joking aside, I realise that you don`t intend for me to go to such extremes and just mean for me to start off doing the easy bits in a sitting position. Thank you for your suggestion......perhaps I can think about it.

And Andy, what is EEF?

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