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Author:  Eve
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Date:  9/6/2003 1:41:16 PM
Subject:  What gives you a natural high?
Message:  Watching a fire in a fireplace

Seeing the first flowers in the Spring

Cuddling with my dog in the middle of the bed

Watching the Sun rise on a cold Winter's day

Watching the Sun set over the Gulf

The smell of lumber in a new house being built

Hearing a Favorite song on the radio

Freshly mowed lawn

a good book on a rainy day

Knowning that I made a difference in someones life or day

The first taste of home grown tomatoes and green onions in the Spring

The lovely feeling I get when Billy does something special just for me

Finding just the right word or phrase for a song

 What gives you a natural high? by Eve at 9/6/2003 1:41:16 PM
 Re: What gives you a natural high? by Laura Shayne at 9/6/2003 8:50:39 PM
 Re: What gives you a natural high? by Lonesome Charlie Day  at 9/7/2003 2:27:06 AM
 Re: What gives you a natural high? by Laura Shayne at 9/7/2003 8:41:43 AM