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Author:  Joe Z
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Date:  8/11/2007 10:59:12 AM
Subject:  Re: Danny Epps
In 1972, Danny released a self-named album on the Columbia label (KC 31502). Some of Nashville's best musicians played on the record, including David Briggs, Chip Young, Kenny Buttrey and Pete Drake.

A year before he pulled out of Nashville, one of our friends wrote the LP liner notes: "Danny Epps, another Texas songwriter from the mold of Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, Townes Van Zandt, Dennis Linde and Gene Thomas. Danny learned in a few short months what some equally talented writers never learn: in order to write you must eat, in order to eat you must work, and while some people will give you a hand, no one will give you a handout. The release of this album will hopefully cut the number of Danny's odd jobs down to two, a singer and a songwriter."

Mickey Newbury

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