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Author:  Ginny G.
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Date:  7/23/2007 8:05:34 AM
Subject:  Larry...
Message:  You really should be on the watch for it... asbestos can lie latent for 50 years before it activates. It can even affect people who live with someone who worked with asbestos... because you can bring the fibers home on your clothes.

Many of my Dad's co-workers from the Electric Co. have already died from mesothelioma (the cancer caused by asbestos). Dad used to wear a bandana over his mouth when he was working because he couldn't stand the fibers. We suspect that's one of the reasons he's lived longer than the others.

Sadly, there really is no cure for it, although there is a controversial procedure of "peeling the hardened shell" off the lungs. Very painful, but one of my Dad's friends had it done and he's still alive five years later. Dad's doctor doesn't think much of it.

This is gonna sound nuts, but my friend who is a nurse told my Dad to eat a lot of carrots because of the Vitamin A in it. He used to make carrot juice and have a great deal of it every day. This was years ago when we first learned he had asbestosis. I've always wondered if that's why he was able to hold it back so long. Just a thought.. I'm no doctor and I suppose you can get too much Vitamin A.

If you do develop it, maybe they'll have a cure by then. I pray they will.

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