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Author:  Ginny G.
E-mail:  ggnadt@execpc.com
Date:  3/25/2007 3:01:01 PM
Subject:  Re: Mickey Newbury
Message:  My favorite memory of him involves his kindness and compassion. Years back, on this porch, we went through a time of bickering about too many posts for prayers... too many frivolous posts, I guess. There was arguing about posting about religious things, political things, even friendly banter or responses to birthday posts. I'm not really sure what it was all about, but I got the idea there was a cost involved with too many posts.

Anyway, I was a very frequent poster and was trying to "pull back," at least while the arguing was going on.

One morning I got a call from my folks that my Uncle Ben had died. Uncle Ben was an old-time Catholic, and was deathly afraid that his soul wouldn't receive enough prayers, maybe that he'd be stuck in purgatory forever. He'd even paid for Masses to be said in his own memory whenever he did die. (I never heard of anyone else doing that.)

I sat there after receiving the phone call about his death, wondering what I could possibly do that would mean something to Uncle Ben. I very gingerly posted here about his death and his long-time feeling that he'd need lots of prayers to get to heaven, but he wasn't sure he'd be getting them. I asked people to pray for Uncle Ben, not at all sure I wouldn't be met with criticism for my post instead of prayers.

Within 15 minutes, I had my first response to my post. It was Mickey himself promising to pray for Uncle Ben's soul. Needless to say, once Mickey posted that, no one was going to criticize my post. I don't know if Mickey ever realized how much that meant to me, or how grateful I was that he was on the porch at the right time.

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