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Author:  Lib
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Date:  3/24/2007 10:41:57 PM
Subject:  Judy
Message:  Porch Family,
Judy is facing some health issues with her kidneys that may force her to lose one.That decision will be made just 2 weeks before the Gathering.She has faced all her other challenges with the help of this loving group of prayer warriors. I, from personal experience,know how powerful porch prayer can be and I am asking all of you now to remember Judy in your prayers.Lift her up for the Lord's healing grace and remind her she is not alone in this struggle.I am praying that she will be in Austin in June and not facing major surgery and I believe that CAN happen. I love you,Judy and I know that I am not the only one....
But for tonight, my prayer for you is Peace in your heart.Put your fears and cares in God's hands and rest.Listen for the wind chimes...Mickey IS here with you.

 Judy by Lib at 3/24/2007 10:41:57 PM
 Re: Judy by BillP at 3/25/2007 4:14:21 AM