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Author:  Texas Granny
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Date:  3/10/2007 10:19:15 AM
Subject:  Re: G'day
Message:  Hello Karen B. Good to see your rocker moving this morning. Guess it is autumn where you are now because spring is busting out all over here in Texas.

Laura, trains are the very best way to travel. You can enjoy the scenery and get up and walk around when you get tired of sitting. I wish we had more passenger routes in my part of the world but they are not very convenient.

We have a small commuter train between Dallas and Fort Worth now. There's a station a mile or so from where you performed in Euless. It's only a 30 mile trip but if you are ever here it would be my pleasure to take you. It would only be a "pretend" train ride but it would be fun anyway.

One of my dreams is to take the train trip to Copper Canyon in Mexico and to travel across Canada by train. My great grand father, Doc Lemons, was a brakeman way back in the 20s or 30s.     

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