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Author:  Karen (Aust)
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Date:  3/10/2007 3:32:12 AM
Subject:  G'day
Message:  I often stop by and sit a while in my rocker but I don't talk up these days as I am always so behind in what is going on here. I am working long hours in our post office/gift shop (but enjoying it) so you might look my way and see me snoozing!

But, I am here often and I care always. I love this place and I love you people. You and your families remain in my prayers. I don't add my name to prayer requests and such these days for fear of missing other's and seeming not to care.

Recently I travelled to Sydney on the night train and did something I haven't done for ages (lack of time), I listened to Mickey through my headphones. I was so wow-ed! All over again.

God, he is beautiful and my eyes were wet with tears. As well as all the other beauty - the words, the voice, the music, the melody - the love in Mickey just shone through and passed into my soul. I got off that train a better person.

Kind like rock-climbing Annaleah (except you wouldn't catch me at it!).   When you get to the top the world looks so enormously beautiful that all the ugliness that was starting to get you down has shrivelled back into the crevices where it belongs.

Take care everyone and especially those of our family who are suffering. Love always,

Karen XX

 G'day by Karen (Aust) at 3/10/2007 3:32:12 AM
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