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Author:  flyseye
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Date:  2/27/2007 9:16:17 AM
Subject:  Re: Live at the Hermitage DVD    (Mickey)
Message:  Well the cold hardwood's creakin
As he lay asleep
His breathin' is all I heard
I stood at the foot of his bed, he awakened
I stood and I said not one word
I took from my pocket an old silver dollar
The date on it could not be read
I put the dollar in his withered old hand
And I put a gun to his head
Lord he trembled in terror
And clutching the covers
Cried Jessie what is your demand
I said in a voice less than a whisper
Said I would find you old man

Well I did not kill him
But I swore I would
When I saw him the next time around
I said you are no stranger
I have known you forever
And you will remember me now
So I packed all my gear
And went up to the mountains
I needed the time there to heal
And I swore on the grave
Of my brother that day
That was one man I would kill

From memory, hope I didnt screw it up.

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