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Author:  buffalogal26
E-mail:  buffalogal26@hotmail.com
Date:  11/24/2003 2:53:34 PM
Subject:  All country fans will love Reba's new album!
Message:  Hey all Reba fans…y’all know that Reba just came out with a new album called “Room to Breathe”?! I just recently got the album from a friend who works at Universal and I love it…Reba is so awesome. Actually my favorite song is “I’m Gonna Take that Mountain”, its so catchy and fun! Anyway, if you’re a fan of Reba you should also check out her TV appearances during Thanksgiving weekend on CNN Daily News. But if you want more info on Reba join the Reba team at www.ufanz.com/teams/reba or just go to reba.com…enjoy~!

 All country fans will love Reba's new album! by buffalogal26  at 11/24/2003 2:53:34 PM
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