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Author:  Dale Hamilton
E-mail:  dalehamilton@ginger-hill.net
Date:  1/12/2007 9:51:10 AM
Subject:  Re: Maxine Quote of the Week
Message:  Now you're talking about a sport I love!

I started skiing in the early sixties and have never gotten enough. Living in the Virgin Islands for 36 years made hitting the slopes a very seldom thing. Moving back to the real world and joining the Roanoke Ski Club has made it possible again. We're going out to Vail next month.

There is nothing quite like coming off the lift early in the morning on a misty peak in the Rockies...looking out over range after range of snow covered mountains...tracking unmarked snow...ski towns and fire-warmed lodges...the smell of woodsmoke.

I may not ski as agressively anymore, but I still love everything about it.

We're finally even living in our own ski lodge...a log house in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Imagine listening to Mickey in your earphones as you gently swoop through Aspen trees down a long, snowy slope with God's beautiful mountains and
sky all around you.

Not a bad thing at all!

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