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Author:  Randy B
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Date:  11/19/2003 5:04:13 AM
Subject:  Re: The Folk Years
Message:  I grew up in the folk years Joe. Good honest music with words and everything. I've been listening to Kingston Trio "The Guard Years" this week. They were fabulous performers! The banjo part on Coast of California is one of the best anywhere. Everytime I hear it I imagine Ron L with a bandana wraped around his head standing on the helm of a pirate ship. If you have never heard teh live performance of the "Limelighters" "Tonight in Person" you have missed one of the great live performances of the century. Alex Hassilef could speak in 8 languages and sing in 12; the groups these days can't even sing in English.
Thanks for bring up folk, it is dear to my heart and ears. Some good new folk artists out there today, you just never hear about them.

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