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Author:  Karen R
E-mail:  luvnmusc@comcast.net
Date:  9/4/2003 8:23:23 AM
Subject:  Oregon morning
Message:  The weather is beautiful in our side of this country. Unfortunately, the smoke drifts over the hills to the valley in the afternoons.

Our beautiful forests are suffering with fires, scattered here and there. Campgrounds have been closed in lots of areas, but amazingly, while fires seem devastating, something new grows from them. I am always amazed at how fast rebirth happens after a fire. I guess it is the same with our own lives. Americans have that "get up and go" spirit. When something tries to push you down, you get up, dust yourself off, shake your feet, and start all over again. Yep, that's the spirit!!! :)

 Oregon morning by Karen R  at 9/4/2003 8:23:23 AM
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