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Author:  Barb & Felix
E-mail:  catandbarb@earthlink.net
Date:  11/30/2006 1:12:09 PM
Subject:  Home At Last
Message:  We finally feel like we have settled back in after a wonderful month on the road again. We spent the night with Mamie and Pete on Sunday the 5th then on to the Songwriters Festival on Monday. This is our 6th Festival in a row and 3rd to help cook. Yes the big pit followes us there.
We encourage everyone that loves any kind of music to attend. We feel that each of these writers can sing their songs much better than the people who record them.
We left Paradise (The Perdido Key) the day before Thanksgiving, got home about 9:30pm put our turkey on the pit and had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day with the kids and grandkids.
What a life, how blessed we are
Now off to Mamie's birthday party December 9th.
See you there
Love you all    Barbara & Felix
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 Home At Last by Barb & Felix  at 11/30/2006 1:12:09 PM
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