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Author:  Ron L.
E-mail:  ron.lyons@charter.net
Date:  11/19/2006 3:56:39 PM
Subject:  Mickey Newbury
Message:  Maybe it's because it's early Winter in Oregon as I watch the storms move in from across the ocean. Since November 1st, we have been pounded by wind and rain and it's forecast to continue through Thanksgiving.

Maybe it's because of Toni Jo's and Jonmark's appearances at the Newbury Tribute nights at the Florabama.

But I think it's because of the fact that I am always late to the party and now just transferring a lot of Newbury VHS to DVD. Yesterday and today, my living room has been full of Mickey Newbury. It's not that I think anyone here will forget who and what he was. It's just a chance for me to write about someone who so profoundly affected my life. I watch as others occasionally log in and try to put into words what his music means to them.

It makes you wonder why we are all so different. You can play a Newbury song for some and they just look at you and say: "Well, that's OK but what else do you have?"

But, oh, for the rest of us. Deep down where you really live is where the music goes. There's really no explaining why certain chords with words can a bring a tear to your eye or why you have trouble breathing.

I am only saying that as time goes on, we should not forget. The truth is time seems to rush and before you know it, another year has passed.

It's pretty amazing, thanks to Roy and Susan W. and now to the Books, that Austin has become a big as it is. This is not to exalt Mickey but to only appreciate what the music has meant to all of us.

Considering the world the way it is, these songs continue to last. The fact that we pass it on is really important especially since it takes the later years for a lot of people to "get him".


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