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Author:  Bree Wilson Stone
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Date:  11/18/2006 9:11:01 AM
Subject:  Frnak Brown Fest.
Message:  Setting in a room with all that talent was for me amazing and what an Honor.
The music was lifting and the room was so still as my Baby sang " When I Heard Newbury Sing".
Pete and Mamie are my Hero's.
Pete can tell a good joke too.

Roy I felt you there and thought about you constantly. Jonmark used some of his precious mike time to hold YOU up and have the room send you Love and Light. How about that!!!!! I hope you felt it coming your way. Roy, fight with everything you can muster and we will always be there for you. See you in June my friend.
Love to you all from Bree

 Frnak Brown Fest. by Bree Wilson Stone at 11/18/2006 9:11:01 AM
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