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Author:  david vizor
E-mail:  davidjvizor@yahoo.co.uk
Date:  11/5/2006 5:28:57 AM
Subject:  box set
Message:  I have two copies of the box set and the quality on some sound as if they have been taken off worn records.Are there any plans to release the albums LOOKS LIKE RAIN,HIS EYE ON THE SPARROW,RUSTY TRACKS,THE SAILOR and AFTER ALL THESE YEARS on individual CDS? I regard Mickey as the greatest storyteller and would liked to have met him as he had a great sense of humour as shown in his live albums.I have bought KACEY JONES tribute album which is good but when you hear the originals there is no comparison.Incidently i have all his cds even the Curb one and will continue to buy them.I wish you all the best Regards Dave Vizor

 box set by david vizor  at 11/5/2006 5:28:57 AM
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