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Author:  Craig
E-mail:  not available
Date:  9/28/2006 3:18:14 PM
Subject:  Re: OH NO!
     I must ask you to refrain from making light of those that may not be adept at using "spellcheck" or may possibly have other grammatical challenges. After all, this person was only trying to help everyone out by letting us know that Mick didn't like baseball. I appreciate the honesty demonstrated on this occasion. It is a rare commodity these days.

Others have come this way in the past with most helpful information as well such as, for example, the best cigarette store on the Internet.

Once again, thank you for letting everyone know this valuable information. I was not aware of this until you brought it to the surface. It makes me wonder though...which did he hate worse...baseball or okra? If you know the answer to this question of utmost importance, would you be so kind to let us know. We are all fans of Mickey and this is really, really, REALLY the most insightful knowledge that you have imparted to all of us. I for one was not aware of this.

Thank you once again for your input, I am anxiously anticipating your reply.

Your friend,

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