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Author:  Texasroyce
E-mail:  not available
Date:  9/27/2006 5:31:35 PM
Subject:  Re: OH NO!
Message:  I think with the move to Fla. you ought to consider changing your love to another team. Tampa Bay isn't a viable alternative. I hereby offer you the chance to become an Oakland A's fan by invitation only. We finally closed out the Angels last night by them losing to Texas while my boys thumped Seattle pretty good. Be an A's fan and I will take you to the ball game and buy you a hotdog. Learn to love the DH.

I've never seen a bunch of guys so excited and hugging each other and wasting good champaigne by pouring it all over everyone including the owner. Swisher dumped an entire bottle on Wolfe's head. Then hugged him. I just wanted a sip of that good Bubbly.

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