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Author:  Bree Wilson Stone
E-mail:  not available
Date:  5/23/2006 1:24:28 PM
Subject:  The Gathering and me
I have tried everything to get a flight to Austin that I could do, however my pain level is a lot more that last year. So in my heart I will be there but
my broken self will be crying in Bluffton.
I can't believe I will miss all the hugs I have needed and looked forward to so much.
Believe me if I thought I could do it I would.
I will be sending my Jonmark to you so please give him my hugs. Roy, I'll really miss you.
I am so mad that i won't get to meet Doug.
So many disapointments in my not coming I can't begin to number them.I wish Austin was closer.
I love all you guys and your beautiful hearts.
Laura, sing one for me sweetie. Roy, I want a tape
as soon as you can, Love you, mean it, Bree

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