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Author:  Laura Shayne
E-mail:  Young_Guns_Gal@hotmail.com
Date:  9/2/2003 5:39:08 PM
Subject:  Wow...
Message:  I am impressed and amazed. It feels a little more like home here. I like it.

School is going very well! I'm working on a dairy in the wee morning hours, I go to school from 9 till 12. And I'm usually out with my horse or studying after that. My friend Shane drags me to the dance halls every Thursday night for a little two-stepping and a country waltz... I'm finally getting back into shape! *grin* And on the weekends I'm working at the L.S. Ranch, where we move, brand, calve, tag, vaccinate, and maintain a large herd of Angus cattle. Life is good... *sigh*

I hope everyone is doing well here. It's been awhile... there's no telling what trouble Larry Larry and Dave have gotten into since I last propped my boot on the edge of this porch. Just call me Sherrif Shayne. *wink*

Everyone, take care.

Laura Shayne

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