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Author:  Craig
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Date:  3/14/2006 8:14:22 PM
Subject:  Re: mickey newbury song - new info?
Message:  Mickey of course did do "Birmingham Jail" but it is an old country standard. He also followed it with "Down in the Valley", another old country standard. Actually two different songs.

I do recall Willie Nelson doing a song, I don't remember the name of it but it was on the LP, "The Sounds in my Mind" where he did "Can I sleep in your arms tonight lady" to the tune of "Red River Valley".

Mickey, and "The Blind Boys of Alabama" did "Amazing Grace" to the tune of "House of the Rising Sun". I have no idea who did it first. I suspect we'll never know.

By the way, if you haven't listened to The Blind Boys of Alabama, you are missing out. They do primarily old gospels and spirituals.


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