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Author:  San Diego
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Date:  12/24/2005 2:51:34 PM
Subject:  Re: Merry Christmas Everyone
Message:  The biggest Department Store in town. A block long on Main Street. Six windows of Christmas time magic. A moonlit village with steepled Churches. Smoke rising from red brick chimneys in plump donut rings. Halos around everything. A Hand Brinker skating pond edged with sleds. Santa's workshop. Reindeers and Lionel locomotives. Elves in buckled boots and tiny leather aprons. Mouths full of shiny nails. Mrs. Clause's Olde Time Bakery Shoppe. Gingerbread men running out of the ovens under clouds of spun sugar steam. Candy cane smocks and striped stockings. Pointy-toed red slippers and holly hats with bells. A big calendar hanging crooked to mark the last day. "...Twas the night before..." it says. Kids with their noses pressed up against the glass sucking their hair into icicles. And...just over there...by the streetlamp... Under snowflakes gently falling... POe.

Merry Christmas to The Porch.

Love and blessings to The Wizard.

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