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Author:  Roy
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Date:  11/20/2005 4:14:53 PM
Subject:  Re: Fire Alarm at Arlington Hospital
Message:  The funny thing is that there was a real fire alarm this morning at the hospital. We never did find out what caused the alarms to go off, but there were some of the local tv news crews in the parking lot, so maybe the six o'clock or ten o'clock news will let us know what the real problem was.

We've made some folks laugh with our prayers for gas to be passed...but after this type of operation, everything comes to a stop until that happens. Once that first little stinker escapes, everything starts to improve...tubes in the nose are removed, tubes from other places go away...that wonderful beef flavored water replaces the ice chips...and believe me, ice chips for seven days sucks...and then the doc comes in and says..."How about some real food?". 48 hours later, after having the poor nurse inspect the deposits one leaves in the comode, and when you show signs of walking/and/or chasing the worst looking nurse around the floor...they kick your butt out on the street. But, it all starts with that ability to pass the gas.

I have so many people to thank, and I will do that later. Sitting up at the computer is rather painful after a few minutes. I do want to second what others have written regarding my lady Sylvia.
Tuesday will mark our 37th wedding anniversary and the start of our 39th year together. Some of you know what a strong lady I have. These last two years, between triple by-pass and now this fight against cancer, has only proven how our love has grown stronger with each test. I could not make it without her and I doubt if it wasn't for her, I would want to try.

My sweet Sister Sue, who is fighting her own health problems as well as those of her hubby, Tim, is also one of the breed of Stamps women who don't even know their limits.

I am told that a positive outlook, fueled with laughter is the best way to attack what lies ahead for me. We will not start the 3rd step in this process until after the first of the year. They want me to gain back the 25 pounds I've misplaced over the past couple of weeks....plus another ten if possible. Right now, I'm trying to get more than a few mouthfuls of food down without feeling very full. So keep those jokes flowing and I'm accepting all donations of fattening sweets.

I also have to thank Joe Z and Phil for the beautiful flowers and fudge...my best friend for life, "X" Linclon for flying half way across the country to make me laugh, Little Joe for the phone calls,Lady Bree Stone for keeping my sprits high, Gilbert Smith, the world's best attorney and friend, Buddy and Carla, Stan, Willie Nelson for the promise of a day of "Swarming and Mogeling" when I feel up to it, Sweet Mamie, Aaron, who I only see every two years when I'm in the hospital,
Connie, Martha and Julia for the flowers and humor, Judy C. for all the calls and...I know I'm forgetting a bunch of folks...but last and far from least, Sue Ann, who stayed with me when Syl had to go to the office and played taxi driver to all who came from out of town to visit.

Of course, to the kids, Trey and Linda, Rene, Kitina, Cayce & Donna and the in-laws, Jim and Marge....your love and support has never been a question.

To the Porch...what would I do without you? I don't even want to think about it.

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