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Author:  erik "the dane"
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Date:  10/30/2005 11:58:10 PM
Subject:  Re: London - New York - London - 2005
Message:  Thanks for all reply!

Thanks to Elton & Sallie.

Yes "MacArthur Park" is Jimmy`s.
Mac Arthur Park is NOT about the person, but the Park in Los Angeles and Jimmy`s lost love, maybe Susan H., as I mention.
And the world famous lines from this song: "and someone left the cake out in the rain" (read love).

LOT of new Jimmy Webb stuff drop in to me almost everyday at the moment.
Promo copy, legal burn company copy, single cd copy, UK, US, Japan issue from Jimmy`s new record + "lot" of related stuff.

Have just got a ADVANCE copy of Brian Wilson NEW Cristmas cd album include a J.W., Brian W. composition "Christmasey".

Also got a single music DVD with great Michael Feinstein (I meet him in New York - one of most nice music man I have ever meet) in June 2005 - WHAT A GREAT PERSON!
If I have hear right, are M.F. homosexual.
This DVD are with Scott Hamilton, ice skating US star with M.F. singing J.W. "Only one life".
IF I remember right this tune was written about the frist well know US person who got AIDS, Michael Bennett (Chorus Line), who died in 1987 - J.W. work with him for some years.

Still FUNNY with Mister Webb`s music - Jimmy father was Minister, and Jimmy play in the Church (not alwas Church music - when his father was away).
Also the Police drop in - because J.W. play the "wrong" music sometimes on the Church organ.

But when J.W. got to Los Angeles around 1964 he work both for Jobete Music (Motown) - one tune he has on first SUPREMES CHRISTMAS album 1965 (40 years in this Month) - and for Madelon (Audio Arts/Audio Gospel) artist as RON KENOLY and a lp/45 Harold Bowen on the Audio Gospel label, late 60` - he arr. for some tunes.

To be frank I am NOT a Church person, my father died in 1999, but I have only visiting his grave around around 4-5 times since.
My father was truly a nice man, always kind to other people.
My mother, my mothers sister, father, I are/was not Church people, going to Church.
But my fathers father was Catholic.
I try to respect people on my way, but sometimes I like to listning to this God, Hyms.
On the Harold Bowen record is a tune call "Hold on to the Contract" (you made with the Lord), arr. by J.W.
Have for many years ago a great collection of SAM COOKE records, also the God/Lords tunes he did.

As MICKEY NEWBURY who also have God in lot of his songs.

When the Christmas time arrival, has in a way, try to buy, listning to J.W. great CHRISTMAS FOR THE ANIMALS album, lp, cd include Amy Grant - Art Garfunkel - ONE OF THE BETTER CHRISTMAS ever to be put out!

One more to Elton!
About the Schnapps, I try to remember next time, what I can find in the airport tax free - but we all have to take care, we come for the music and the nice 3-5 days together, old memories, old friends, and not my Schnapps!

take care all

erik "the dane" christensen

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