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Author:  erik "the dane"
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Date:  10/30/2005 8:34:41 AM
Subject:  London - New York - London - 2005
Message:  The dane is a little busy!

First found a great lady my name on The Mickey Newbury Back Porch.
She was the one of the lady who sings in Jimmy Webb first group CONTESSAS (four beautifull lady, also then) back in around 1965/66 in Los Angeles.
And yes, JIMMY first (lost) love Susie Horton was in that group too.
Just remember "Where the playground Susie?" + a lot of more world evergreens.
The made one 45 with J.W., backing was 22 people include the one and only HAL BLAINE on drums (23.000 sessions man) - he maybe also play with MICKEY N.???

Mister JIMMY WEBB is calling again!

9th Nov. 2005 my flight will be in London for some days.
If I also meet Jimmy this time - only time will tell!
He have been busy traveling this year Europe, Australia, Canada, US for a lot of concerts.

As MAYBE MENTION - His last cd AUGUST 2005 US "Twilight of the Renegades" is one of best reviews this year WORLD WIDE.

I am working a little on a serious project to get Jimmy to play Denmark some few years from now.
As maybe say some time ago maybe with one of Europe best string och., the big THE DANISH RADIO "ENTERTAINMENT" ORC.
LOT of serious radio people, one of the musichead in there to support me.
It can cost a lot for the Danish Radio to do a concert with string + solist - maybe around 160.000 dollars I been told - arrangements, sheets, hotel, flights tickets, and so on.

I still HOPE!

But because I maybe are the
- I am able to come up with much "serious" stuff for the Danish Radio to listning to + some nice DVD include stuff from Mastertapes and I have one of the great record/sheet collection around with Jimmy´s music.

Still it could be fun to include the "one and only" GLEN TRAVIS CAMPBELL in such a concert too.
I been told by people that Jimmy Layne Webb maybe "ONLY" ask around 2.000 dollar for a concerts, solo (not total shure).

JOHNNY LOGAN - most winning stars in Eurovision Song Contest ever (running each years) have JIMMY WEBB on piano and sing one of his song on J.L. first LP when he won in 1980.

YES - the "dane" is still alive!


Hopefully (almost 100% + more) the "dane" are back in AUSTIN in 2006 or some other place the family choose.

When I wrote this mail I was listning to the before??? New York Police Department own Daniel Rodriguez from his "Be my love" album 2003 who include Jimmy beautifull "All I Know" (Art Garfunkel).
D.R. is today maybe one of US best singers!
Placido Domingo love this guy.

Renee Fleming, one of world best female classical singers (from Canada I think) have just also recorded a J.W. song.

My grandchild HJALTE now over 1 1/2 year old have NO home for the moment, so Lady Jane is living with me in my apartment - and Grandchild Hjalte and mother, father are in Janes "house" in Alleroed (4 miles from me) - there new house are ONE Month behind - building firm have to pay a panalty on around 160 dollar each day to the little family.
My Grandchild will soon stay in hometown Hilleroed, hometown of worldfamous FREDERIKSBORG CASTLE.
And yes the very popular Danish Crown Prins FREDERIK and his Australian wife MARY and the little new prins are living only around 4 miles me and Jane in at FREDENSBORG CASTLE.

sincerely and take care out there

erik "the dane" christensen

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