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Author:  Ron L.
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Date:  10/15/2005 2:48:52 PM
Subject:  September 29, 2005
Message:  I have been away for a couple of weeks emceeing a tribute to Billy Strange as well as visiting some relatives in the South. You can read about the Billy project in the forum section at http://www.billystrangemusic.com or in the Message section at http://www.jonmarkstone.com

Lana and I have been unable to convince ourselves to get a laptop since we travel so little so I was out of touch except for lobby computers.

Perhaps, it was fitting to be in the air as we were most of that day and to think about Mickey and all he has meant to me. I have probably written thousands of words here over the years but none of them ever really captured the magic that so elevated and changed my life.

Even though I met Toni Jolene Clay in Austin, we didn't get a whole lot of chance to talk. She and Vic attended the Billy Strange Birthday Bash and then we all met for dinner the following Monday night with Jonmark and Bree, billy and Jeanne Strange, along with Toni Jo's mother and father, Joanne and Earl.

It was the first chance to meet Vic and I hope most of you know how important Vic's guitar contributions helped save some of Mickey last sessions. As Vic said: "Mickey's a hard guy to emulate". I love these two people not just because they did so much for Mickey but also because of their faith. They wear it openly, honestly, and non-judgementally. They are funny and so talented, they are scary. Vic has received 40 Dove nominations.

We swapped Mickey stories as we stood outside "The Green Hills Grill" in Brentwood and you could almost feel him there. Mickey loved to laugh and we did a lot of that.

We all owe them for being part of Mickey's life, especially the final years. They are also playing and particapating in Jonmark's new CD which is going to be very special.

As for Mickey, I can still see him in my rear view mirror waving goodbye wearing that black silk robe.

Love you, Mick.



 September 29, 2005 by Ron L. at 10/15/2005 2:48:52 PM