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Author:  Larry Book
E-mail:  booksundown@aol.com
Date:  10/10/2005 12:06:55 PM
Subject:  Mickey's music at the Frank Brown Festival
Message:  Gale and I are looking forward to seeing Mamie & Pete, Chris, Cowboy, Jonmark, Toni Jolene, and anyone else who may be coming to the Frank Brown Festival on Perdido Key, FL in November. There are two exciting events scheduled during the festival that we want to let everyone know about:

(1) A Mickey Newbury tribute is scheduled during the evening, Friday, the 11th of November at the Silver Moon, (It will be great)and..

   (2) A smaller (more intimate) house party/concert honoring Mickey's music is scheduled at Doug and Donna Silsbee's beautiful 9,000 sq ft home on Ono Island Thursday evening before the tribute,on the 10th of November. Food and Drinks will be provided.

The Silsbees, along with Gale and I, are hosting this 'getting to know Mickey's Music" Event, and we are looking forward to the awesome entertainment of Toni Jo, Jonmark, Cowboy, and Chris Newbury.

Mamie and Pete will (of course) be honored guests (and, yes, We'll do our best to find some Lone Star Beer). We'll miss Laurashayne and others in the Newbury family, including Marie and Egbert. Regretably, we heard they won't be making it to the festival this year.

Roy, if you read this, I sure wish I had a small audio/video clip of Mickey to show on a big screen TV in the Silsbee's home prior to the live show... maybe 6 to 8 minutes or so...because I want to make sure everyone at this party gets to know Mickey (the songwriter, the poet, the person, the man) as well as his music.   Can that be done? Gale and I will make sure an abbreviated biography is presented before the show to be enhanced by Jon Mark, Toni Jolene, Cowboy and Chris during their performances. This is the same format we used in our Characters Songwriters Cafe. Story telling leading into music... leading into a relationship with the audience...leading into a magical and memorable evening. We expect it will at an even higher level on Thursday, Nov. 10th as the magic of Newbury music fills the air.

The house party at the Silsbees is already sold out but, if anyone's interested in coming to the Mickey Newbury tribute at the Silver Moon on the 11th, (if you're in the area), you can call Reneda Cross at 850 341 0889.

Hope everyone is well. Gale and I will see you all at the gathering next year.

Love to all,

Larry & Gale Book

 Mickey's music at the Frank Brown Festival by Larry Book  at 10/10/2005 12:06:55 PM
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