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Author:  Lyle E Style
E-mail:  mrestyle@shaw.ca
Date:  9/22/2005 9:40:53 AM
Subject:  Mickey Newbury Interview in new book
Message:  Hi, I just wanted to let all of Mickey's fans know that an interview I did with him in my book "Ain't Got No Cigarettes - Memories of Music Legend Roger Miller" is now released.

Mickey talks about his times he spent with his friend Roger along with stories about Johnny Carson, his fame, the state of the music industry and probably gives the best answer anyone has ever given when asked a specific question about "Swiss Cottage Place".

Included in the book is a collection of interviews of almost 100 of Roger's old friends including Waylon Jennings, Merle Haggard, Kris Kristofferson, Dwight Yoakam, Willie Nelson and more. Toby Keith wrote the foreword.

As you know Mickey was one of the nicest and most talented guys in the entertainment business. Included throughout the book are stories that include Mickey and comments made about his contributions to the music insdustry. There's also a great previously unpublished photo of Mickey with his interview.

I hope you find this interesting and consider checking out more info (or to pick up a copy) - www.electricrecordings.com/book



 Mickey Newbury Interview in new book by Lyle E Style  at 9/22/2005 9:40:53 AM
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