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Author:  lois
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Date:  9/3/2005 5:21:47 PM
Subject:  Re: Not Enough!
Message:  I agree with what you posted. The country was let down by ALL phases of government. Much could have been done before hand to make this disaster much smaller! My hubby and I were both trained in Disaster Preparedness before we retired. We know what is possible and what is not.

I remember the first two things I learned during my training. !. Your job is to stay ALIVE so that you can help the victims. Do nothing during the event that would put your life in jeopardy. 2. It is Very important to remember that it will take THREE days for local, state and federal government to swing into action with the things you need. So be prepared to be on your own for THREE DAYS.    What we saw during Katrina was a pretty good example of these two dictums. We had master lists of all the people in our Company, in my case Litton Data Command, and how close they lived to the facility. We had lists of the equipment they had available at their homes in case we had to do a rescue that involved chain saws, etc. We also had supplies that could sustain our people for five days.

As you can see from watching tv, these people were not prepared. Evacuations of the poor and disadvantaged should have been done before Katarina ever hit. It was a mandatory evacuation. If you can't leave on your own SOMEONE should provide a way. The Red Cross came in four days before the hurricane and set up shelters in advance. True, some had to be abandoned because of the flooding, but they were ready!

As for bringing in the military to restore order. It just can't be done legally. They are prevented from police action by the Posse Comitatus Act. Who could have been called in was the National Guard. They are allowed to act in a law enforcement capacity while the Military is not. The Governor of Louisiana should have declared Martial Law right away and called up the Guard. In the initial stages of this disaster relief workers were fired on so their help was delayed until the Guard arrived. You may have noticed that the Military did search and rescue while the National Guard restored order.

I hesitated to post on this thread because I was afraid I might be misunderstood. I also hesitated Mickey asked me one day to stay off of controversial subjects. I hope he is smiling down on me today and not mad! I have a lot of respect for all of the people who are helping. California is too far away to be of practical help so I donated to the Red Cross.

God Bless Texas for it's big heart.

Love ya Mickey and all you Porchers rocking on this Porch, Lois

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