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Author:  Texas2Step
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Date:  9/3/2005 5:07:15 AM
Subject:  Re: Not Enough!
Message:  I would have to totally agree with you Ron. I was immensely saddened and sickened at watching the devastation to these poor people. I cried so much each day that I would have to go to work without eye makeup on why bother I would just cry it off. I stayed in prayer for these desperate people. I felt the pain of the mayor for turning everywhere for help only to fall upon deaf ears. I think this shows us all that it is time for the American People to take a stand about our government officials. They have taken away any sense of stability, security and faith that Americans once had in this wonderful country. There is no excuse for the way this whole ordeal was handled. There can be no way of saying I am sorry that will heal the hearts of the ones that lost their loved ones only through the negligence of our President and his top men who were suppose to be in charge. Was the fact that our President mentioned that he cut his vacation short by two days suppose to comfort those in New Orleans. Is it a conincidence that all the help finally started to arrive only an hour after the President came to LA, I think not. Why did he not go directly to New Orleans area first since they were the ones suffering the most. No, he went to where he would get patted on the back. I wanted to throw up when I saw all the brown nosing that was going on at the news conference in Alabama. All the political tactics being done on air at the expense of the suffering of the New Orleans People. No amount of apologies can erase the rapes, the loss of loved ones, the post traumatic stress that will live with these poor people forever. I serve a God of Love, Mercy and Grace and I pray that he restores unto those that have suffered needlessly. May God help us all in these last days before his return....

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