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Author:  Doug Lang
E-mail:  dalang@telus.net
Date:  10/3/2003 10:06:17 PM
Subject:  Posting 1-2-3
Message:  Is anyone able to read here, but not post here?
How about the Back Porch (web board)?
Is anyone able to read there, but not post there?
Just wondering...feels like we're missing
a few familiar voices on here these days.
You can e-mail Susie and let her know
if you're having troubles posting, or
feel free to e-mail me...
I know I have to type in my name and password
in two places on the Back Porch...
best done when first entering there,
but sometimes I have to do it each time
I want to post a message.
If you haven't posted for a while,
stop by and let us know you're there, ok?

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