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Author:  Judy C.
E-mail:  Bellavim714@comecast.net
Date:  8/25/2005 6:56:50 AM
Subject:  Leaving for Nashville
Message:  I am leaving for Nashville today, I will be gone until Sept. 12th. I had plan to take my laptop with me but the doctor said yesterday he didn't think it was a good idea me lugging it around.

Oh by the way I got a GREAT report from the doctor yesterday!!! I can do anything but skydive lol!

Now you guys be good while I am away, I will check in when I go to my friends Sandra's and I may sneak over to Meeks!!!

Love to you all,
Judy C.

 Leaving for Nashville by Judy C.  at 8/25/2005 6:56:50 AM
 Re: Leaving for Nashville by Dkjones at 8/25/2005 3:12:17 PM