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Author:  Doug
E-mail:  not available
Date:  8/21/2005 9:28:23 PM
Subject:  Re: wow
After two nights at Karine Polwart's
remote rural home in the Borders area
of south Scotland - meeting her, taking
part in her singing workshop, seeing her
quartet perform a homecoming concert
live in Walkerburn, and hearing songs
from her forthcoming second solo album -
I drove out in my rental car early
this morning in the fog, driving on
the left side of the narrow country roads
north to Edinburgh. Only got lost once,
and did not go into the ditch at all.
Made my flight to London, managed to get
all the way from Terminal 1 to Terminal 4
and made my connection to Vancouver.
Just got in the door. Whew. Give me a
few days. Once I am over the jetlag,
I should get around to sharing a bit
more, using a familiar keyboard again.
Thanks for all the well wishes, folks.

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