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Author:  Ron L.
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Date:  8/14/2005 5:05:17 PM
Subject:  Enough!
Message:  have been sitting on this for awhile and will try to make it objective and rational as I can although that is not an accurate reflecion of how I feel.

Even since Gathering 5, there has been an uncommon and really unexpected amount of whining, complaining, and hypocrisy on what used to be one of the few havens of serenity left in this world. With a couple of clicks, we were able to share our joys, disappointments, tragedies with Mickey's music as out touchstone.

It seems to have evolved into a porch with partial planks consisting of closed minds, selfishness, but mostly whine, whine, whine.

Let me assure you that I am speaking only for myself with no agenda or anyone else's.

This all stems from some hurt feelings and misunderstandings at Gathering 5 so let me set it straight because I was there. There was really only one major mistake and that was booking too many people on the same night of Mamie and Pete's wedding. Some people did not get on and some were regular Newbury performers and were hurt and disappointed. We also had some outside people who had way too much touch of the grape and stayed on stage way too long. Although there was some justification, it did not call for trying to split the group in half and one person walking off the stage refusing to perform with another Newbury performer. Bless Toni Jo Clay and Kacey Jones for filling the gap until things got a little back to normal.

There will be no criticism of Roy.

There will be no criticism of Cowboy.

Each was trying to do what he thought was right.

Last year, I was partially in charge of seeing who went on and when. It's a thankless job where you very seldom make everybody happy.

Some left early and missed a Sunday full of warm performances including a personal surprise audio and video presentation to her family by Susan Newbury accompanied by Jonmark and Marie plus those who stayed through Monday were rewarded by a magic Newbury night at the Cactus Cafe.

I will defend Roy and Susan W. forever for none of us have the slightest clue to how much time, energy, expertise, and MONEY a Gathering takes. In case you don't know, X Lincoln and Roy paid for most of the food and drink in 155. There are many behind the scenes acts of kindness involving money that you never hear about because those involved wish it that way.

I have heard complaints here and in private emails that this was the "worse" Gathering. But some of the new people had the time of their life.

My point in all this is that it's hard enough in this cluttered world of constant celebrity to keep Mickey's name going but when the real reason gets lost in personality conflicts and petty arguments, it's really a lost cause.

Unless there is some really cohesive efforts, there will be no Gatherings. I think right now many of those who have been attending are not planning to go to the next one.

I'm sort of on the fence MOSTLY because that feeling of spirtituality and comradery seems to have lessened here.

I didn't really want to be on the committee but felt refusing was to betray a trust Mickey had in me. He never said anything about it....but I told him many times..."If you ever need anything, just ask"

That's why. No trumpets in the sun or choruses singing in the background...just because he enriched my life beyound expression.

Should "The Gathering" be moved? Yes.

Where? I don't know.

There are so many things to consider. The Texas people have a strong argument that it's close to many with limited incomes and that he's a Texas songwriter. Mamie feels strongly about Texas which carries a lot of weight with me and can't imagine her not being there. If you wish to talk about class, well there it is. She has sat there as the Queen she is watching every single act sometimes toward the end fighting to stay awake.

But there are several other things to look at. There are many who individually pay over a $1,000 to $2,000 to attend and without their numbers, many of the perks of a Gathering might disappear. The ones who come from Europe or off the mainland spend a considerable anount of money and all these deserve to be heard and their opinions respected.

This is why I was surprised to see Kurt's poll disappear from Jonmark's site. I know he didn't take it off. Kurt, since he was a newcomer, felt it might be devisive after hearing from some people. Kurt is the type of guy you really don't want to lose. Who puts together 2 slide shows for free unless he really cares? Its a lot of work. The poll might not be the definitive answer but it is a way for all to say what they think.

I am also to the point if the Gathering issues can't be solved, that we start some sort of donation process to fund "The Traveling Newbury Minstrels" so the people we know that do Mickey's music so well can be booked at various places across the country.

As a committee member and I forgot to say this to Joe, if we don't use Roy Stamps at least as a consultant, we are missing a person, outside of Susan W, who knows more than any of us about how to do it right.

I wish to say I don't hold myself up as an arbiter of anything. I'm just like most of you whose life was touched by this uncommon but simple man and his music.

I'm just trying to help repay the love I got.

Unless there's some sort of unity here, The Mickey Newbury Legacy could be in real danger.

It has always been a privilege to be able to write here and I will always feel that way.



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