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Author:  Mike C
E-mail:  mrcrr-1@excite.com
Date:  8/8/2005 6:40:25 PM
Subject:  Update on my Judy,Day Seven

   Our Dear Porch Friends

   Myself,Mom,and Dad spent the afternoon with

   She was scheduled to be released earlier
   today, however by mid afternoon her Doctor
   made the decision that they did not want to
   release her today.

   The reason is that although her left arm
   has improved, her right arm is still
   infected and her hand swollen and they
   also want to review all her charts as well.

   Also, they have reinserted the IV into her
   arm, and she is continuing to receive
   antibiotics and other medication as needed,
   until this situation is brought under control,
   and all the infections have been killed and
   swelling reduced.

   Once everything is under control, and she
   has been assessed as fit to come home, they
   will release her.

   I will continue to update all of you as
   needed, as well as when she is released.

   Much love to all of you
   Her Loving Husband
   Mike C, and the Family


 Update on my Judy,Day Seven by Mike C  at 8/8/2005 6:40:25 PM
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